Hi! my nama Spike/Reno

I freaking love Fallout series, Coding, Planes, Cowboy Bebop, Urbex, and Marine Bio!!

If you play Fallout, I am apart of The Brotherhood of Steel.

My boyfriend Josh IS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!

Here's my boyfriend's neocities!!

I own 3 Lovely hermit crabs named Misha, Jet, and Hugo Curtiss!

Btw. That up there is who my identity is based off of.

And these boys down here are also who I identify with.

Btw. it doesn't mattter if you identify with any of these, I just have trouble with finding my identity.

My favorite Planes of all time are P40 Warhawk and P38 Lightning!

Here's my Plane site

These are beautiful ass planes and they're my absolute favorite.

I also love Bombers so much! they're super duper cool!

My fav is Boeing B17 Flyingfortress